To celebrate the upcoming release of The Cerberus Rebellion, I’ve decided that I’m going to do a giveaway!

Here are the what and how:

What: Depending on the number of participants, I’ll be giving away some of my short stories (you can find the descriptions on the Products page).

For up to 7 participants, I’ll give a random winner their choice of short story! For 7-14participants, I’ll give the Grand Prize winner a copy of The Chesian Wars (not yet listed, this includes the 3 short stories and an additional prelude short story) and 1 other winner their choice of short story. For 15+, I’ll give away 1 copy of The Chesian Wars and 3 short story winners.

I can do these in .mobi, .epub or .pdf format, as requested by the winner.

How: all you have to do is leave a comment below. Each comment will be assigned a number and next Sunday I’ll randomly select numbers for each winner!

So leave a comment and pass the word along. The more entries, the more winners!

About Joshua K Johnson

Josh is the author of The Cerberus Rebellion and The Hydra Offensive, Gunpowder Fantasy novels set in the Griffins & Gunpowder universe. He is currently working on a new novel set in the same world as well as The Centaur Incursion, Book 3 in the Ansgari Rebellion Series and Loyalty Betrayed, Book 1 in the Liberty Forged Series. He currently works full-time and has an 8-year old and a 4-year old to keep him busy.

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  1. I hope I win the main prize, though any would be wpnderful! Cheers!

  2. Matthew Lakanen

    The Lord of Light and Fire says I shall win………..

  3. Matthew Lakanen

    I WOULD LOVE to read the Cerberus Rebellion……….It is known…….!!!

  4. Aaand here’s my comment! Speaking of gunpowder fantasy, how do you handle gunpowder et cetera in your fantasy world?

      • Er 😛
        I’ve got gunpowder in my world as well, although it’s generally known as ‘devils fire’ because people don’t really understand it, but I wanted to stay away from calling them guns and things because that didn’t seem fantasy enough, so I changed them up a little. There’s two types of guns; the Rike, which is a one shot, powerful weapon, but takes FOREVER to reload, and so has limited usefulness, and the Concuss, which is a two barrelled blunderbuss. Inaccurate, inelegant and short-ranged, but its hard to beat two battles in a scrap.
        I was wondering how you handle gunpowder in your story. Do you just have straight up guns? I haven’t read anything of yours except the flash you put up, which you said was very early 😛

      • Yeah i just went with straight up muskets, carbines and rifles. I decided to embrace the simplicity of going with things that people would be familiar with.

  5. Caleb Johnson

    Are they totally done now? all of the editing and whatnot? I know you said that there was something that you were going to be submitting but i never saw anything after that. Just wondering. Giveaways are a great idea BTW 🙂

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