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What Is Gunpowder Fantasy?

Another author’s take on what Gunpowder Fantasy is!

The Commonwealth Chronicles

I’ve made mention of The Commonwealth Chronicles being what I call Gunpowder Fantasy, but haven’t explained what I mean by that.

Most fantasy is set in a generally similar setting, being something akin to medieval Europe, with magic, a place of knights and castles and princesses and dragons. It is what everyone knows. And generally it never progresses beyond that. Except, as I mentioned in my previous post on breaking the medieval stasis, technology always keeps progressing.

The Commonwealth Chronicles grew out of questioning what would happen if it did. At the time I was reading a lot of stories set in the Napoleonic War era, by authors such as Bernard Cornwell, C.S. Forester and Patrick O’Brian. It got me wondering what would happen if a fantasy setting progressed to that stage of techonology, where muskets and man’o’war were mixed with magic and minotaurs.

Even though gunpowder and firearms have…

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Quick Update

Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, I’ve been working on some things IRL so I’ve been pretty pre-occupied.

The good news is that I’m working hard on The Hydra Offensive! And during my little interim, Gunpowder Fantasy passed 3,000 hits!

So thanks for reading all and keep your eyes open for some more posts soon covering different aspects of the genre!