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The Wandering Mind

I have a problem that I think most creative people have: my mind is always creating new projects for me to work on.

My mind keeps creating new, interesting worlds that threaten to take away time from my current project (The Ansgari Rebellion series, right now).

The current distraction that is blossoming in the back of my mind is the concept of a sci-fi space opera written and released in a TV Series-style Episode format. There will a Series-Plot; inside of that, there will be Seasons which will each have a Plot; within the Seasons, each episode will have a plot.

The reason that this is threatening so strongly to consume my time is the recent announcement of the Kindle Serials program. Amazon is instituting a program in which customers can pay a 1-time amount and will automatically receive all future episodes for free, and automatically.

I’ve got the first three “Episodes” (approximately 50,000 words) plotted out with basic, one-sentence plot ideas for the next 3 episodes.

I might take a break and get these pounded out once I get The Hydra Offensive through the first draft. We’ll see if my resolve is that strong.

For my fellow writers, what’s threatening to take you away from the project that you *should* be working on?