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The Cerberus Rebellion Cover Redux

So I’ve got the cover for The Hydra Offensive sitting in my email inbox, just waiting for the reveal, so stay tuned for that.

But with the new artist for the cover came a new set of typography. Trevor over at did the cover for Hydra and gave me some ideas for typography, which my lovely wife was kind of enough to use to update the cover for The Cerberus Rebrellion

So here’s The Cerberus Rebellion with new typography.


Tell me what you think.

And let me know if you’d like to receive an Advanced Review Copy of The Hydra Offensive. It’s coming soon!

A Pledge Match Challenge!

In response to my previous post about the big things happening for The Cerberus Rebellion, a reader has, offered to match all pledges dollar for dollar (up to $250) made to The Cerberus Rebellion Kickstart Campaign!

You can get your piece of the Griffins and Gunpowder here!