Controlling the Beast

With my previous post about a day where ideas wouldn’t stop rolling into my head, I thought I would do a post on how I keep myself on track with my target projects.

To be honest, it’s mostly an OCD drive to finish Project A. I keep a mental priority list going of things that need to be done.

Highest Priority: Get Current Major Work Done

Whatever the next step in getting my current major project completed it, I work on that. Be that plotting or outlining in the initial stages, the actual writing in the middle stages or paper-edits, working on feedback from betas or reviewing/applying edits from the editor in the final stages. Getting Project Alpha done is priority.

Priority 2: Next Step on Project B

While Project A is in the hands of beta-readers or the editor, I work on Project B. Currently that has been a collection of short stories that I want to release, both as standalones and a collection, alongside The Cerberus Rebellion. Same process applies here as above, get the next step done!

Priority 3: Next Step on Project C (if available)

Project C is listed as “Next Project A” in my mind. So when Projects A and B are completed and published,  it will become Project A until completion. Ideally, Project C is related to Projects A and B (as when working on a series with associated short stories and novellas). Currently, Project C is the novella “The Battle at Broken Plains”. It is set in the Griffins and Gunpowder universe and is intended to be a standalone novel to fill the publishing gap between my release of The Cerberus Rebellion and The Hydra Offensive.

After that, there’s a whole list of additional projects, but they don’t get any attention until Project C’s slot is empty and waiting for a new project (right now The Griffin’s Heart (a G&G novella) is high on the list as is The Hydra Offensive (the next in the G&G main-series).

I never let the list get empty, because that’s when chaos develops! With all of the projects floating around in your head, how do you keep them straight?

About Joshua K Johnson

Josh is the author of The Cerberus Rebellion and The Hydra Offensive, Gunpowder Fantasy novels set in the Griffins & Gunpowder universe. He is currently working on a new novel set in the same world as well as The Centaur Incursion, Book 3 in the Ansgari Rebellion Series and Loyalty Betrayed, Book 1 in the Liberty Forged Series. He currently works full-time and has an 8-year old and a 4-year old to keep him busy.

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