Proofing a short

With The Cerberus Rebellion in the hands of beta-readers, I’ve turned my attention to writing and alpha-editing the short stories and novellas that will accompany it as part of my first set of releases.

So far I’ve finished 3 of 4 of my planned short stories and have set about editing them so I can get them beta’d.

For me, it has been difficult to write short stories that are meant to be both independent stories but also serve as worldbuilding pieces for my overall universe.

I find working enough worldbuilding into the stories to make them viable standalones while not infodumping the reader to be a delicate balancing act.

The process that I’ve developed is to write on a minimalist scale and only feed the information into the story that is essential to the story. When I go back through editing, I write down every proper name, nations, people or events, and make sure that the questions “Who?/What?/Where?” are answered for them.

So far I’ve found a couple of places that needed to be tweaked, but I think this will help walk the line between too-little and too-much.

About Joshua K Johnson

Josh is the author of The Cerberus Rebellion and The Hydra Offensive, Gunpowder Fantasy novels set in the Griffins & Gunpowder universe. He is currently working on a new novel set in the same world as well as The Centaur Incursion, Book 3 in the Ansgari Rebellion Series and Loyalty Betrayed, Book 1 in the Liberty Forged Series. He currently works full-time and has an 8-year old and a 4-year old to keep him busy.

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