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No One Searches by Tags

Just a random post: no one actually uses tags to look for books, I think.

Proof? The Cerberus Rebellion is the #6 most tagged book as “Epic Fantasy” (Screenshot Below) and sales are still pretty meh. So, obviously, Tags are pretty pointless, in my opinion.


Blog Stops 09/07/12

Ending the first week of blog tour stops for The Cerberus Rebellion, we have Lisa Haselton hosting a Blurb stop.

Additionally, the wife has offered to the host a Blurb Stop as well. A special thanks to her, not only for putting up a post for The Cerberus Rebellion, but for everything she’s done to support me in my writing endeavors. She did the covers for my three short stories and the text work on Cerberus’ cover. Visit her blog at Point Me 2 The Sky Above

You have two chances to win a copy of one of the Griffins & Gunpowder short stories; leave a comment at both blogs to get your chance!’

Blog Stops 09/06/12

Today includes two tour stops for The Cerberus Rebellion: Hope. Dreams. Life…Love and Travel the Ages

Head on over, take a look and leave a comment.

Blog Stop 09/05/12

Day 3 of The Cerberus Rebellion’s Blurb Blitz is hosted by Rogues and Angels 

Stop by, look around and leave a comment! Thanks!

Blog Stop 09/04/12

Today’s Blurb Blitz stop is at MK McClinktock’s Blog.

As always, please take a moment to stop by and comment. A random commentor from this week will be winning a free short story.

The Blog Tour Begins!

Today marks the beginning of a 4 week run of various blurb, review and interview/guest post stops for The Cerberus Rebellion, presented by Goddess Fish Promotions.

Starting off the Tour is Bunny’s Reviews @

Please take the time to show your support by stopping by and leaving a comment!


Branching Out (Other Vendors)

So after some thinking, I decided that I wanted to branch out with the availability of my works. For right now, because I have The Cerberus Rebellion in the KDP Select program, it’s just going to be my short stories, novellas and any non-Griffins & Gunpowder works that I put out.

The Sithean Betrayal, The Gathering Storm and The Red Dragon’s Gold are now available on Barnes & Noble for the Nook and on the Kobo e-Book store.

Head over to the Products page to see the new links!

Upcoming Blog Tour

Starting next Monday, September 3rd, The Cerberus Rebellion will be featured on a month-long blog tour every weekday in September (assembled and hosted by GoddessFish Promotions).

The first week will be a blurb blitz where The Cerberus Rebellion’s blurb will be posted. Week 2 will involve a run of 5 stops on a Review tour where different sites will review The Cerberus Rebellion. Finally Week’s 3 and 4 will be a hybrid of interviews and guest blogs.

I’ll be posting a comprehensive list of stops sometime this week, as well as providing links to the sites.

5 Weeks In…

So as of Monday, The Cerberus Rebellion (available here) has been on the market for 5 weeks. And, as of writing this, I’ve had 13 Sales of The Cerberus Rebellion and have sold approximately 20 total units of my 3 short stories.

Quite a few of my friends, family and co-workers know that I’ve published through Amazon (an at least a handful of them have purchased one or the other, which I appreciate!) and recently some have asked how my sales are doing. When I tell them how I’m doing, I’m always sure to temper my reports with the fact that I’m a new author with only one novel available but inside, I’m thrilled that I’ve done so well in only a month.

I had a revelation/exciting moment recently: I have several co-workers that have said they were going to pick up my novel (I’ve been pretty low-key about IRL promo since I don’t want to push them away). So when I had a sale of Cerberus show up this week, I asked a few of them if they had picked it up and none of them had. I made the comment that I didn’t know who bought that copy and one of my co-workers brought it to my attention that getting sales from complete strangers was kind of the point. It made me feel kind of silly and giddy at the same time.

So now that I’ve been on the market for than a month and have passed 10 sales, and very nearly passed 500 Free-load copies during my KDP Select promotion a few weeks ago, my goal is to get a few reviews under my belt (a member of the Guild of Dreams blog, Bruce Blake, had a good post about how reviews affect Indie authors especially here).

So if you bought or downloaded Cerberus, and liked it, please consider going back to Amazon and leaving a review!

Meanwhile, work on The Hydra Offensive continues; you can track the progress with the Word Count tracker on the right sidebar. Currently, I’ve just passed 13.7K words! More than15% complete.

Upcoming Blog Tour!

As a way to promote The Cerberus Rebellion, I’ve set up a couple of blog tours through Goddess Fish Promotions and two book sponsor days with Kindle Fire Department and Kindle Author.  The blog tours (a blurb blitz, a review blitz and 2 weeks of interview only blog posts) will be running from September 3rd to September 28th. The KFD and KA sponsors spots are both running on September 14th. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on each stop as they come up.

Here are the images that Goddess Fish have set up for the tour.